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First, do no harm

Meet Dr. Aparna Bole (United States), Dame Jackie Daniel (United Kingdom), Dr. Arnagretta Hunter (Australia), and Dr. Arvind Kumar (India). They are on the front lines of health care delivery and working with their communities to help raise awareness on the health impacts of air pollution and the climate crisis. They are committed to creating a more sustainable and resilient health care sector, and a healthier future for all.

Together with Health Care Without Harm’s Josh Karliner, they take us on a whirlwind tour across four continents in a powerful video that addresses the impact of fossil fuel emissions on human health, and explores collective action to protect people’s health from climate change.

First, Do No Harm is a joint project of Health Care Without Harm and  

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Join the movement for a healthy climate

If you are a health professional or work with a health organization, you can team up with colleagues in your country or region to work for a healthy climate, and here are some resources connected to the people in Freethink’s “First, Do No Harm” film.

Our Climate Our Health Logo

Australia | Our Climate Our Health

The Climate and Health Alliance has been leading the Our Climate Our Health campaign to achieve a comprehensive national response to the health impacts of climate change - a National Strategy on Climate, Health and Wellbeing for Australia. You can sign up for updates, like the Facebook page and follow on Twitter to stay in touch.

Health Care Climate Challenge

Global | Health Care Climate Challenge

The Health Care Climate Challenge is an initiative of Global Green and Healthy Hospitals to mobilize the health care sector to reduce its carbon footprint, foster low-carbon health care, build resilience to climate change, and help lead the effort for a healthy climate. Be one of the over 300 participating institutions representing 22,000+ hospitals in over 34 countries that are moving toward low-carbon health systems. Join the challenge!

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India | Doctors for Clean Air

Health Care Without Harm and the Lung Care Foundation of India bring physicians across the country together to work on environmental education in their communities while addressing the impact of air pollution on health. Learn what doctors in India are doing.

Health Care Without Harm

Europe | Initiatives

Health Care Without Harm (HCWH) Europe is a non-profit network of European hospitals and healthcare providers, healthcare systems, local authorities, research/academic institutions and environmental and health organisations. Within our five interconnected programme areas - Safer Chemicals, Sustainable Food, Climate-smart Healthcare, Safer Pharma, and Sustainable Procurement - we work with members, partners, and other stakeholders to pilot and innovate sustainable healthcare solutions which can then be scaled up across Europe and beyond. We currently have 146 members in 29 countries. Read more about our members here

Salud sin Daño

Latin America | Climate Leadership Program and online communications course (in Spanish)

The Health for Climate Leadership Program is a virtual initiative to train health workers in Latin America on issues related to climate change and its impact on health. The online course Communicating Climate Change Effectively: Perspectives from Latin America provides health care workers with the bases and tools to develop creative and impactful strategies to communicate and promote climate action. Both programs are in Spanish.

Health Care Without Harm

South East Asia | Climate and Health Leaders Network

This initiative by Health Care Without Harm South East Asia supports health care leaders to advance climate action and build resilient communities in the region. The network, set to be launched in November 2020, is a response to the need for a regional multi-sectoral movement, led by health care practitioners, to ensure a safe, healthy, and equitable recovery and rebuilding beyond the COVID-19 pandemic.

Health Care Without Harm

United States | Nurses Climate Challenge and Physician Network

The Nurses Climate Challenge, led by Health Care Without Harm and the Alliance of Nurses for Healthy Environments, mobilizes nurses to educate health professional colleagues and nursing students on the health impacts of climate change. Health Care Without Harm's Physician Network supports emerging and established physician leaders in leveraging their influence and expertise to advance the growing health care sustainability movement and to advocate for climate-smart health care.

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Learn more about what Health Care Without Harm and its partners are doing around the world

Health Care Without Harm’s global network statement beyond COVID-19: In these unprecedented times where global climate change, a devastating pandemic, and severe economic disruption have converged, Health Care Without Harm’s global network - our offices and country partners around the world - reaffirm our collective vision to create an ecologically sustainable, equitable, and healthy world. Read about the key issues we believe it must tackle, and the fundamental actions it is already beginning to support.

The Health Care Without Harm Global Network: The Health Care Without Harm Global Network is composed of regional offices in Europe, South East Asia, and the United States & Canada; a Latin America regional team; strategic partner organizations in Australia, Brazil, China, India, Nepal, and South Africa; and a global secretariat. Health Care Without Harm and its partners also lead Global Green and Healthy Hospitals, a worldwide network of hospitals and health systems with more than 1,300 members in 72 countries. Meet our strategic partners.

Resources on COVID, climate and health: Curated list of resources and guidelines produced by Health Care Without Harm, its partners and multilateral organizations to offer solutions to some of the challenges this crisis brings.

Climate footprint report: The report provides the most comprehensive global analysis of health care’s contribution to climate change to date, establishes the first-ever global estimate of health care’s climate footprint and makes a set of recommendations to align global health goals with global climate goals.